Brrr... even if it is icy cold, winter is just so amazing! Maya and her friends have a great time playing on the snow-covered poppy field! Do you love the winter fun, too?

Building a snowman is so much fun, and now you don't even need any snow to get going. Click here for our super video which shows you how to easily make snowmen out of socks. Yes, you heard right, snowmen made of socks! Ask Mum or Dad to help you make them.

Do you think Maya will like the one Willy made for her? We think so! Try it out for yourself!

The nicest thing you can do when you come in from the cold is to take a hot bath. And then snuggle into a cosy blanket on the couch with a good book and sip a hot cup of tea with honey. It is wonderfully warming and gives you inner power!

Did you know what an amazing amount of different kinds of honey there are? Blossom honey, acacia honey, forest honey, rapeseed honey, dandelion honey, thyme honey, heather honey, clover honey, fennel honey, lavender honey, sunflower honey, chestnut honey ... and a few more besides!

Look out for them the next time you go shopping with your parents!

If you want to take fantastic photos in the winter, come prepared. Aside from frozen fingers, in icy temperatures you often have to cope with the batteries failing in your digital camera. VARTA Professional Lithium Batteries are ideal for the job and keeping on going where conventional batteries give up. They're lighter, last longer and love the cold! Designed for use in extreme conditions of -40 to +60°C they guarantee constant power.

Incidentally, did you know that your smartphone battery drains faster in cold temperatures? We've brought a small slimline Power Bank onto the market for daily use to make sure you're always online. The Slim Power Bank 6000 is ideal on the move and impresses with its stylish elegant design.

* Per charging, based on iPhone 6S and Asus ZenPad S 8.0. Power may vary depending on the device.
Download one or all four Maya Wintertime screensavers for your computer. The images are sized 1920 x 1200 pixels.
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