The hottest time of the year gets us in the mood to rise and shine to the sound of bird song, go swimming or camping with the family outdoors. Summertime is also holiday time and delicious ice cream is as much part of summer as the giant yellow sunflowers in the fields. What do you like most about summer?

When it gets really hot, a little refreshment is always welcome. So how about a delicious honey ice cream lolly or a honey drink?

Try out our two super-easy recipes. It's best if you go shopping with your parents for the ingredients and let them help you with the recipes.

Everyone looks forward greatly to the longest and loveliest holiday of the year as it draws close. The summer holidays give families the chance to spend time together away from their normal daily routine. How better to do so than camping outdoors?
Always keep it with you: the VARTA flashlight is a handy camping accessory for adults and children alike.

The new outdoor sports flashlights come with a photo-luminescent angel eye ring that makes the top of the flashlight shine green. This way you can quickly and easily locate your flashlight even at night or in poor light conditions.

After your well-earned summer holidays, it's time to start the new school term and get learning as busy as a bee. It's always exciting to find out which new subjects will be on your timetable.

Simply download the Maya the Bee timetable to keep a note of all your subjects and enter the times of your classes.